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What if there was a story about a Boy that never gone outside before and his parents told him that the outside is bad for him so not once or twice more then that like years since hes never seen the outside before.

Now the boy is special he can never grow up, his father was a scientist not only he gave his son the potion or some type of magic or whatever. Thats when the father and mother realise that he can never grow up the father said " he'll grow slowly ".
                    Just because of some magic or potion, time went by and the mother and father died leaving there (age) son.
              More time passed since he coulden't go out plus he called 911 because his mother and father died. It's now (year)
             The son is still alone thats when he found out that his dads compter when they died, surpisly it works
anyways now in present time...

The boy of course, the name of the child is Noel.
Finally after very slow age hes now a Teen (Child/Teen)
he goes on the internet and sees alot of people talking about new stuff he hasn't heard before
since his parents were rich he can Order it, Only because his parents told him

 "Don't go outside they'll hurt you, at home you'll stay safe"

And they are right... There are horrible people out there who are going to hurt you or kill you
no matter Noel tried he'd wanted to see the outside world.


"Thats when it happened, it happened to find a person brave enough to find me"
so yeah might be typo's here and there but it's a good idea if i use this as
a Story :D leave commets below if i should make a actual story out of this.

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I haven't been on since... Uh well long 
but i've been on and off sometimes but never posting
art, so i was working on this one comic i really need to do soo! the 1st and 2nd page is done (finally :D (Big Grin) ) but the 3rd page is the pain in the ice cream truck :( (Sad)  so don't worry im not dead.
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Oh yea i forgot!
these are the things i will be posting on deviantart now!
Crazy La :iconlacrazyplz: 
Things are coming out Very Soon!:
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+ More undertale art (omg yas Oops!)
+ Some random art
+ Little bit of Woy art (wander over yonder)
+ Mini funny comics?
+ Youtubers/Fandom Stuff
+ Dream Gate (new comic)

Things that need to be changed/not being released yet/Cancelled:

- Sunlight is still Cancelled
- A painted world remake (need to be changed & not being released yet)
- Dream Gate (need a little bit of changing of the it's story)

So yea! oh yea about the 100/110 Watches thank you so much for
it ill be working on a Project about 100/110 watches so yea
Stay Positive and ill see you in the next update.

Arrow (Down) 

HoI iM TeMmIe!1
SuPer mApLE gIRl ToLD me IlL gEt mOre Tem FLakes
iF I TElL yOu gUys tHis 
sHe iS TAkInG ReQUeSt"S NoW!1
sO CaN I HaVe mY TeM FlakEs nOw?
WUt? yOu dOn't hAvE TEm
sOmEOne sTolE mY TeM FLakEs!?
whO? WhEre?

To be continue. Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U!  (UpDateLink not here yet)
DreamGate Chapter 1 : The Dream Hero
Note: play this song while reading: 

Thank you for the watches guys! sorry if this came late but

now it's finshed! so i made a preview of DreamGate so yea Enjoy!!

(and i still need to finsh the 100 watches nuu!!)

Once Upon A Time...

There was a Legend,
when you sleep in dreams
you'll find a pink cloudy room and you can dream up anything
you want!. But that night a child had a nightmare
and never woke up Few Weeks later she died in Heart Attack
the Doctors don't understand why she didnt wake up
it wasn't coma but it was something else.

Something dangerous...

Some Day a Hero would wake up the fallen sleepy childern in the night
one day... Some day... Maybe Nightmares can be friends.

*The Chapter Ends Here*

*Tick Tock Tick Tock*

?????: ZzZz...

*Tick Tock Tick-rrrRing!!!*

?????: Wha!- who what whe- 
*falls off bed.*

?????: Ow the Heck!!
Alarm clock: 8:20 Friday Sept 1st 2016  *Click*

?????: Sigh* Welp it's school day Alice
*looks at mirror*

Alice: Can wait to see the cool students there
it would be so amazing if they goto my birthday too!

Alice: Well only if i Had A Home.
End of Preview
Sorry if it's short i dont want to spoil it too much so yea
this is the preview!
Note 2: also ill give a bit of some updates about my
DreamGate comic! so yea BOI!!
Good News!!
welcome welcome your new here well
first of all i loved to thank all of the people who watched me! and now i got 60
thank you so much! as a thanks heres some things you should know about in the furutre 

First are Comics

5. A Painted world i might open up 2 pages (which i made the first one alrighty XD)

4. Select and Start should hold for a min because im busy with other stuff sorry XD

3. also i want to Say sorry but SunLight will not countinue because it's just
to hard for me i want to make it simple sowy.

2. Yes im still asking for Requests or... any fanart at all 
 (please not something hard :( )

1. Alright... You READY?! yes of course!
Dream Gate YES i know you think "oh well idk that but it sound boring" NO belive me this story will
Shock your mind to.. Something idk but it's going to be a black and white comic about a Dream Warrior!
if you want to learn more click this ---->

well thats all folks! 
#SAVEWOY dont forget XD

Ok it's kinda weird why i'm writing this
but i don't think is so First off I do not own #SaveWoy nor Wander over yonder all rights
are to there owners

This show has being going on everywhere and i mean everywhere (btw keep up the work guys!)
and well i love the show like everyone else does.

I always thought theres no way to Stay and Live in this world sometimes but
people always be there for me but everytime i think everythings fine, It's Not
but i know theres some light there right?.
I found out the show about someone saying "Hey guys you need to see this AWSOME TV Show"
when i was searching randomly so i looked at it and it look so funny it just
Brightned my Dark Side.

And some of it made me cry,laugh, and have some joy
it's like it's changing my life 
then soon they said something about the show ending i fought it was
a joke but it wasn't.
When i Rad what it said, i thought "It's Over?"
i thought it's over but i know it isn't over YET
and i know The Show Must Go On right?

Soon after...
i noiced my Drawings improved alot of people say "whoa your drawings are so cool!"
like that but other people are better then me some reason they love my Drawings and
all my art.

I went off track didn't i? anyways the show is amazing
and everyones working hard to take back whats There Happiness
But disney i fought they were awsome but noo what did they do?
they done Goofed (no pun indidn <--- can't spell)

This show needs to go on this helps alot a people in need of
Happiness and Helping others..
and even of people in the dark and some of them
thinking they are stuck in a cage and can't break free
Well were unlocking that Cage because

"It Never Hurts Too help" And even Others
Man it took me 2 hours i did this so i don't mind doing this thought
so thank you for the Watchers Thank you!
dont forget #SAVEWOY
A painted world (Cover) by SuperMapleGirl  Painted World has been a great comic for me now so i was thinking to make some news about it
so lets get started with the new Charatars

first off lets do the Villans:

1. Aira - He is a crazied person that likes to kill people and loves this "One" girl 
His weapon is a Lazer Knife.

2. Kinnde - She loves to Harm other people or trys to kill them 
Her weapon is a neon Sword

3. Li and Di - The twin boys that they destoryed there own city
they like destorying things Powers: Li - Ice and Di - Fire

Side Characters:

1. Rilt - He is good kid that heals anyone that is hurt and trys to defend people from being
hurt or harmed anyway Weapon/powers: neon Staff and healing powers

2. Yuri - She is a some what Different then others it's strange but she has a black staff and her
powers are unknowed

3. Kayle - She is knowed for a Cry baby kid plus gets bullyed alot
and her powers/weapon: ice and water

4. Melody - She works in a farm (painted realm) and shes poor 
her brother always annoys her

5. Dima - He is just a child that is always a lone wolf no one understands him nor
his family

and finally Special characters!

1. ???? - He is knowed for the man in the sky (nothing else)

2. ???? - She is knowed for Happness and Caring her Sister is ? and she loves Candy
and her powers/weapon: ????